Manuscripts in Preparation or Submitted for Publication

† denotes equal contribution. * denotes corresponding author(s).

66. Y. Choi et al.,
Bias-Free PEC cells.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, HER, OER Alternatives ]

65. S-J. Yim et al.,
Microfluidic continuous-flow reactors.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Electrocatalysis, OER Alternatives ]

64. H. Oh et al.,
OER alternatives.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Electrocatalysis, OER Alternatives ]

63. H. Kim et al.,
CO2 reduction to C2H4.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Interface Engineering, OER ]

62. C. Lee et al.,
POM-based ORR catalysts.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Electrocatalysis, ORR ]

61. S. Bae et al.,
Proton-coupled electron transfer.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Interface Engineering, OER ]

60. J. Park et al., 
Superaerophobic electrodes.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Interface Engineering, Electrocatalysis, Artificial Photosynthesis, Wetting, HER ]

59. C. Kim et al.
Defect Engineering for Electrocatalysis.
Manuscript in Preparation.

[ Electrocatalysis ] 

58. D. Jeon et al.
Bifunctional Catalysts for Overall Water Splitting.
Manuscript in Preparation

[ Electrocatalysis ]

57. M-J. Kim, Y. Yoo, G-N. Ahn, S. Bae, D. Kim, J-K. Kim, Y. Kwon, J. Ryu, J. Lee*, D-P. Kim*
Microfluidic Photoredox Catalysis.

[ Photocatalysis, Microfluidics ]

56. B. W. Jeon, Y. Heo,  J. Park†, J. H. Ahn, J. H. Lee, J. Ryu*, S-H. Roh*, H. H. Lee*, Y. H. Kim*
Enzymatic CO2 Conversion.

[ CO2 Reduction & Utilization, Biocatalysis, Electrocatalysis ]

Publications at UNIST (Since 2014)

† denotes equal contribution. * denotes corresponding author(s).

55. N. Kim, I. Lee, Y. Choi*, J. Ryu*
Molecular Design of Heterogeneous Electrocatalysts Using Tannic Acid-Derived Metal-Phenolic Networks.

Nanoscale 2021, Accepted (link).

Invited to the "Nanoscale 2022 Emerging Investigators" themed collection.

[ Invited Review, Electrocatalysis ] 

54. (Editorial) R. L. M. Gieseking*, A. J. Ramadan*, J. Ryu*
Horizons Community Board Collection: Solar Energy Conversion.

Nanoscale Horizon 2021, 6, 839-841 (link).

[ Photocatalysis, Artificial Photosynthesis ]

53. Y. Kim, N. Kim, J-M. Seo, J-P. Jeon, H-J. Noh, D. H. Kweon, J. Ryu*, J-B. Baek*
Benzothiazole-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks with Different Symmetrical Combinations for Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion.

Chemistry of Materials 2021, Accepted (link).

[ COF, Photocatalysis, CO2RR ]

52. H. Kim†, N. Kim†, J. Ryu*
Porous Framework-Based Hybrid Materials for Solar-to-Chemical Energy Conversion: From Powder Photocatalysts to Photoelectrodes.

Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 2021, 8, 4107-4148 (link).

[ Invited Review, Nanomaterials, Artificial Photosynthesis, OER, HER, CO2RR ]

51. Y. Choi†, S. Bae†, B-S. Kim*, J. Ryu*
Atomically-Dispersed Cobalt Ions on Polyphenol-Derived Nanocarbon Layers to Improve Charge Separation, Hole Storage, and Catalytic Activity of Water-Oxidation Photoanodes.

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2021, 9, 13874-13882 (link).

Featured as a front cover article. 

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Interface Engineering, OER ]

50. T. Mahvelati-Shamsabadi, H. Fattahimoghaddam, B-K. Lee*, S. Bae, J. Ryu
Synthesis of Hexagonal Rosettes of g-C3N4 with Boosted Charge Transfer for the Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution and Hydrogen Peroxide Production.

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2021, 597, 345-360 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, HER, H2O2 ]

49. N. Kim, J. S. Nam, J. Jo, J. Seong, H. Kim, Y. Kwon, M. S. Lah, J. H. Lee*, T-H. Kwon*, J. Ryu*
Selective Photocatalytic Production of CH4 Using a Polyoxometalate as a Nonconventional CO2 Reduction Catalyst (link).

Nanoscale Horizons 2021, 6, 379-385.

Featured as a front cover article. Highlighted in Horizons Community Board Collection: Solar Energy Conversion (link).

[ CO2RR, Biomimetic Catalysts, Artificial Photosynthesis ]

48. D. Kim†, M. Gu†*, Y. Choi, H. Kim, J. Ryu, B-S. Kim*

Bifunctional Water Splitting Photoelectrocatalysts Using Flexible Organometallic Complex and Nanographene Multilayer Thin Films.

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2020, 3, 7103-7112 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, LbL Assembly, Nanomaterials, OER, HER ]

47. C. Lee†, D. Jeon†, J. Park, W. Lee, J. Park, S. J. Kang, Y. Kim, J. Ryu*
Tetraruthenium Polyoxometalate as an Atom-Efficient Bifunctional Oxygen Evolution Reaction/Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst and Its Application in Seawater Batteries.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 202012, 32689-32697 (link).

[ Biomimetic Catalysts, Electrocatalysis, Energy Storage & Conversion, OER, ORR ]

46. D. Jeon†, J. Park†, C. Shin, H. Kim, J-W. Jang, D. W. Lee*, J. Ryu*
Superaerophobic Hydrogels for Enhanced Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production.
Science Advances 20206, eaaz3944 (link / open access PDF).

Highlighted in (link)

[ Interface Engineering, Electrocatalysis, Artificial Photosynthesis, Wetting, HER ]

45. U. Kim†, Y. Cho†, D. Jeon, Y. Kim, S. Park, J. Seo, J. Lee, N. K. Oh, G. Lee, J. Ryu*, C. Yang*, H. Park*
Zwitterionic Conjugated Surfactant Functionalization of Graphene with pH-independent Dispersibility: An Efficient Electron Mediator for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acidic Media.
Small 202016, 1906635 (link).

[ Biomimetic Catalysts, Electrocatalysis, OER, Nanomaterials ]

44. H. Oh†, Y. Choi†, C. Shin, T. V. T. Nguyen, Y. Han, H. Kim, Y. H. Kim, J-W. Lee, J-W. Jang, J. Ryu*
Phosphomolybdic acid as a Catalyst for Oxidative Valorization of Biomass and Its Application as an Alternative Electron Source.
ACS Catalysis 202010, 2060-2068 (link).

Highlighted in EurekAlert! (link) and Green Car Congress (link)

[ Biomass Valorization, Biomimetic Catalysts, Electrocatalysis ]

43. S. Bae†, D. Kim†, H. Kim†, M. Gu, J. Ryu*, B-S. Kim*
Modulating Charge Separation Efficiency of Water Oxidation Photoanodes with Polyelectrolyte-Assembled Interfacial Dipole Layers.
Advanced Functional Materials 202030, 1908492 (link).
Featured as a front cover article. 

[ Interface Engineering, Layer-by-Layer Assembly, Artificial Photosynthesis ]

42. S. J. Yeom†, C. Lee†, S. Kang, T-U. Wi, C. Lee, S. Chae, J. Cho, D. O. Shin, J. Ryu*, H-W. Lee*
Native Void Space for Maximum Volumetric Capacity in Silicon-based Anodes.
Nano Letters 201919, 8793-8800 (link).

[ Energy Storage & Conversion, Nanomaterials ]

41. H. Kim†, Y. You†, D. Kang, D. Jeon,  S. Bae, Y. Shin, J. Lee*, J. Lee*, J. Ryu*
Modular Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyelectrolytes, Nanoparticles, and Molecular Catalysts into Solar-to-Chemical Energy Conversion Devices.
Advanced Functional Materials 201929, 1906407 (link).
Featured as a front cover article. 

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, LbL Assembly, Interface Engineering ]

40. M. Ko†, L. T. M. Pham†, Y. J. Sa†, J. Woo, T. V. T. Nguyen, J. H. Kim, D. Oh, P. Sharma, J. Ryu, T. J. Shin, S. H. Joo*, Y. H. Kim*, J-W. Jang*
Unassisted Solar Lignin Valorisation Using a Compartmented Photo-electro-biochemical cell.
Nature Communications 201910, 5123 (linkopen access PDF).

[ Biomass Valorization, Photocatalysis, Biocatalysis ]

39. C. Lim†, J. Ko†, D. Jeon,  Y. Song, J. Park, J. Ryu*, D. W. Lee*
Probing Molecular Mechanisms of M13 Bacteriophage Adhesion.
Communications Chemistry 20192, 96 (link / open access PDF).

[ Biomimetics, Nanomaterials, Interface Engineering ]

38. S. Bae, J. Jang, H-W. Lee, J. Ryu*

Tailored Assembly of Molecular Water Oxidation Catalysts on Photoelectrodes for Artificial Photosynthesis.

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2019, 2019, 2040-2057 (link).

Top 10% most downloaded paper between Jan. 2018 and Dec. 2019 / Featured as a Very Important Paper / Invited to the special issue on "Redox Catalysis for Artificial Photosynthesis.

[ Invited Review, Artificial Photosynthesis, Interface Engineering, OER ]

37. S. Bae, H. Kim, D. Jeon, J. Ryu*
Catalytic Multilayers for Efficient Solar Water Oxidation through Catalyst Loading and Surface-State Passivation of BiVO4 Photoanodes.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 201911, 7990-7999 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, LbL Assembly, Interface Engineering, OER ]

36. Y. Choi†, D. Jeon†, Y. Choi, D. Kim, N. Kim, M. Gu, S. Bae, T. Lee, H-W. Lee, B-S. Kim*, J. Ryu*
Interface Engineering of Hematite with Nacre-Like Catalytic Multilayers for Solar Water Oxidation.
ACS Nano 201913, 467-475 (link).
Featured as a front cover article. 

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, LbL Assembly, Interface Engineering, OER ]

35. Y. Han, K. Choi, H. Oh, C. Kim, D. Jeon, C. Lee, J. H. Lee*, J. Ryu*

Cobalt Polyoxometalate-Derived CoWO4 Oxygen-Evolving Catalysts for Efficient Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation.

Journal of Catalysis 2018367, 212-220 (link).

[ Electrocatalysis, OER, Artificial Photosynthesis ]

34. C. Lee, D. Jeon, S. Bae, H. Kim, Y. Han, Y-W. Lee, J. Ryu*
Semiconducting Synthetic Melanin-Based Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Photoanodes for Solar Water Oxidation.
ChemSusChem 201811, 3534-3541 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Biomimetics, OER ]

33. H. Kim†, S. Bae†, D. Jeon, J. Ryu*

Fully-Solution Processable Cu2O-BiVO4 Photoelectrochemical Cells for Bias-Free Overall Water Splitting.
Green Chemistry 201820, 3732-3742 (link).

Featured as a front cover article.

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, LbL Assembly, Interface Engineering, OER, HER ]

32. J-S. Lee, C. Lee, J-Y. Lee, J. Ryu*, W-H. Ryu*
Polyoxometalate as a Nature-Inspired Bifunctional Catalyst for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries.
ACS Catalysis 20188, 7213-7221 (link).

Highlighted in news media (YouTube clip of YTN Science).

Highlighted in the monthly web magazine of NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea).

[ Biomimetic Catalysts, Electrocatalysis, Energy Storage & Conversion, OER, ORR ]

31. Y. Choi†, D. Jeon†, Y. Choi, J. Ryu*, B-S. Kim*
Self-Assembled Supramolecular Hybrid of Carbon Nanodots and Polyoxometalates for Visible-Light-Driven Water Oxidation.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 201810, 13434-13441 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Nanomaterials, OER ]

30. D. Jeon, N. Kim, S. Bae, Y. Han, J. Ryu*
WO3/Conducting Polymer Heterojunction Photoanodes for Efficient and Stable Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 201810, 8036-8044 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Interface Engineering, OER ]

29. Jeon, H. Kim, C. Lee, Y. Han, M. Gu, B-S. Kim, J. Ryu*
Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyoxometalates for Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Water Splitting: Toward Modular PEC Devices.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 20179, 40151-40161 (link).

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, LbL Assembly, Interface Engineering, OER ]

28. J. Ryu, D. H. Nam, S. H. Lee, C. B. Park*
Biocatalytic Photosynthesis with Water as an Electron Donor.
Chemistry - A European Journal 201420, 12020-12025 (link).

Featured as a cover article. 

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Biocatalysis ]

Publications before UNIST

† denotes equal contribution. * denotes corresponding author(s).

27. H. Y. Lee, J. Ryu, J. H. Kim, S. H. Lee, and C. B. Park*
Biocatalyzed Artificial Photosynthesis by Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon Nanowires. 
ChemSusChem 2012, 5, 2129-2132 (link).

Featured as a cover article.  

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Biocatalysis, Nanomaterials ]

26. J. W. Ko, S.-W. Kim, J. Hong, J. Ryu, K. Kang, C. B. Park*
Synthesis of Graphene-Wrapped Metal Oxide Hybrid Materials by CO2 Mineralization. 
Green Chemistry 201214, 2391-2394 (link).
Featured as a cover article. 

[ Biomineralization, Energy Storage & Conversion ]

25. S-W. Kim, K-Y. Park, J. Ryu, J.-W. Ko, W. Cho, S.-M. Kim, C. B. Park, K. Kang*
Energy Storage in In-Vivo Synthesizable Biominerals. 
RSC Advances 20122, 5499-5501 (link).

[ Biomineralization, Energy Storage & Conversion ]

24. J. Ryu, S. H. Lee, D. H. Nam, C. B. Park*
Rational Design and Engineering of Quantum-Dot-Sensitized TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Artificial Photosynthesis. 
Advanced Materials 201123, 1883-1888 (link).

Citations > 100 times.

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Biocatalysis, Nanomaterials ]

23. J. Ryu, S. H. Ku, M. A. Lee, C. B. Park*

Bone-Like Peptide/Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites Assembled with Multi-Level Hierarchical Structures. 

Soft Matter 20117, 7201-7206 (link).
Featured as a cover article.

[ Biomineralization, Peptide, Self-Assembly, Nanomaterials, Polydopamine ]

22. S. H. Lee, J. Ryu, D. H. Nam, C. B. Park*

Photoenzymatic Synthesis through Sustainable NADH Regeneration by SiO2-Supported Quantum Dots. 

Chemical Communications 201146, 10227-10229 (link).
Featured as a cover article.

[ Artificial Photosynthesis, Biocatalysis, Nanomaterials ]

21. J. H. Kim, J. Ryu, S. Y. Lim, C. B. Park*
Selective Detection of Neurotoxin by Photoluminescent Peptide Nanotubes. 
Small 20117, 718-722 (link).
Featured as a cover article. Highlighted in Chemistry World News, RSC.

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials, Sensors ]

20. J. H. Kim, S. Y. Lim, D. H. Nam, J. Ryu, S. H. Ku, C. B. Park*
Self-Assembled, Photoluminescent Peptide Hydrogel as a Versatile Platform for Enzyme-Based Optical Biosensors. 
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 201126, 1860-1865 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials, Biosensors ]

19. K. Hong, J. S. Lee, J. Ryu, S. H. Lee, D. Y. Lee, D.-P. Kim, C. B. Park*, H. Lee*
Bio-Inspired Strategy for On-Surface Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for Metal/Organic Hybrid Nanomaterials for LDI-MS Substrate. 
Nanotechnology 201122, 494020 (link).
Invited to a special issue on bioengineering nanotechnology.

[ Biomimetics, Polydopamine, Nanomaterials, Sensors ]

18. J. Ryu†, S.-W. Kim†, K. Kang*, C. B. Park*
Mineralization of Self-Assembled Peptide Nanofibers for Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. 
Advanced Materials 201022, 5537-5541 (link).
Highlighted in NPG Asia Materials. Citations > 100 times.

[ Biomineralization, Peptides, Self-Assembly, Energy Storage & Conversion ]

17. S.-W. Kim†, J. Ryu†, C. B. Park*, K. Kang*
Carbon Nanotube-Amorphous FePO4 Core-Shell Nanowire as Cathode Material for Li-Ion Batteries. 
Chemical Communications 201046, 7409-7411 (link).

[ Energy Storage & Conversion, Mineralization, Nanomaterials ]

16. J. Ryu, S.-W. Kim, K. Kang*, C. B. Park*
Synthesis of Diphenylalanine/Cobalt Oxide Hybrid Nanowires and Their Application to Energy Storage. 
ACS Nano 20104, 159-164 (link).
Citations > 100 times.

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Biomineralization, Energy Storage & Conversion ]

15. J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
High Stability of Self-Assembled Peptide Nanowires against Thermal, Chemical, and Proteolytic Attacks. 
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2010105, 221-230 (link).
Citations > 100 times.

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides ]

14. J. Ryu, S. H. Ku, H. Lee*, C. B. Park*
Mussel-inspired Polydopamine Coating as a Universal Route to Hydroxyapatite Crystallization. 
Advanced Functional Materials 201021, 2132- 2139 (link).
Featured as an inside cover article. Citations > 100 times.

[ Biomineralization, Biomimetics, Polydopamine ]

13. M. Lee, S. H. Ku, J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
Mussel-Inspired Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Hydroxyapatite Mineralization. 
Journal of Materials Chemistry 201020, 8848-8853 (link).
Featured as a cover article. Invited to ‘Tissue Engineering Themed Issue’. 

[ Biomineralization, Biomimetics, Polydopamine, Nanomaterials ]

12. S. H. Ku, J. Ryu, S. K. Hong, H. Lee,* C. B. Park*
General Functionalization Route for Cell Adhesion on Non-Wetting Surfaces. 
Biomaterials 201031, 2535-2541 (link).
Citations > 500 times.

[ Biomimetics, Polydopamine ]

11. J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
Synthesis of Diphenylalanine/Polyaniline Core/Shell Conducting Nanowires by Peptide Self-Assembly. 
Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 200948, 4820-4823 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials ]

10. J. Ryu, S. Y. Lim, C. B. Park*
Photoluminescent Peptide Nanotubes. 
Advanced Materials 200921, 1577-1581 (link).
Citations > 100 times.

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials ]

9. J. S. Lee, J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
Bio-Inspired Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Surfaces through Peptide Self-Assembly. 
Soft Matter 20095, 2717-2720 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials, Interface Engineering ]

8. J. S. Lee, J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
High-Throughput Analysis of Alzheimer’s Beta-Amyloid Aggregation Using a Microfluidic Self-Assembly of Monomers. 
Analytical Chemistry 200981, 2751-2759 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Biosensing ]

7. J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
High-Temperature Self-Assembly of Peptides into Vertically Well-Aligned Nanowires by Aniline Vapor. 
Advanced Materials 200820, 3754-3758 (link).
Citations > 100 times.

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials ]

6. J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
Solid-Phase Growth of Nanostructures from Amorphous Peptide Thin Film: Effect of Water Activity and Temperature. 
Chemistry of Materials 200820, 4284-4290 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Nanomaterials ]

5. J. Ryu, H.-A. Joung, M.-G. Kim*, C. B. Park*

Surface Plasmon Resonance Analysis of Alzheimer’s b-Amyloid Aggregation on Solid Surface: From Monomers to Fully Grown Fibrils. 

Analytical Chemistry 200880, 2400-2407 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Biosensing ]

4. J. Ryu, K. Girigoswami, C. Ha, S. H. Ku, C. B. Park*
Influence of Multiple Metal Ions on b-Amyloid Aggregation and Dissociation on a Solid Surface. 
Biochemistry 200847, 5328-5335 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides ]

3. J. Ryu, M. Kanapathipillai, C. B. Park*
Inhibition of b-Amyloid Peptide Aggregation and Neurotoxicity by a-D-Mannosylglycerate, A Natural Extemolyte. 
Peptides 200829, 578-584 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides ]

2. K. Girigoswami, S. H. Ku, J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
A Synthetic Amyloid Lawn System for High-Throughput Analysis of Amyloid Toxicity and Drug Screening. 
Biomaterials 200829, 2813-2819 (link).

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides, Biosensing ]

1. C. Ha, J. Ryu, C. B. Park*
Metal Ions Differentially Influence the Aggregation and Deposition of Alzheimer’s b-Amyloid on a Solid Surface. 
Biochemistry 200746, 6118-6125 (link).

Citations > 100 times.

[ Self-Assembly, Peptides ]