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Our work is featured as a cover article of ACS Nano

Our work on the fabrication of nacre-like catalytic multilayers for solar water oxidation is featured as a cover article of the January issue of ACS Nano.

진주층(nacre) 구조의 촉매다중층을 이용하여 태양광 물분해 효율을 높이는 방법에 관한 연구논문이 미국화학회 ACS Nano 표지논문으로 게재되었습니다.


Tailored assembly of polyelectrolytes, graphene oxide nanosheets, and molecular inorganic catalysts into a nacre-like multilayer structure is used to fabricate efficient water oxidation photoanodes. The deposition of nacre-like catalytic multilayers on hematite facilitates both the separation of photogenerated charge carriers and interfacial electrochemical reactions, enabling efficient photoelectrochemical water oxidation under mild conditions.

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